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INVICTUS BRANDS is a REVOLUTIONARY PLATFORM designed especially for local players to compete in their respective categories like MNCs . We inspire aspirants to BREAK one dimensional and narrow silos that trap your business potential into conventional thinking. We support the rise from normal okay, ordinary contenders to THOUGHT LEADERS and CATEGORY CHAMPIONS.

A daring commitment to disruption, connectivity and innovation; INVICTUS BRANDS enables you with the right minds, tools, processes and vantage points to come together as  ONE BRAND  from each category under  ONE UMBRELLA to grow together. It provides that  ONE FLOOR of the Best in the Business, Top of Their Game MARKETERS, an OUTSOURCED PROFESSIONAL BRAND TEAM that can give your brand the long-term boost and gains of a sharper creative strategy, bulk deals, discounts on media buying and the opportunity to pick large media properties and buy more than your share.


We are committed to inspire businesses through the power of unparalleled strategizing, disruptive technology and creative thinking.


The master of the crafts, we are here to transform great brands into unconquerable market leaders through the power of belief.

OUR management

waleed muggo

CO Founder

Mohammad muggo

CO Founder

mian shahzad khalid


Spearheading Invictus Brands is one of the many feats in Shahzad Khalid’s arsenal. Apart from being the director of marketing at Kashmir Cooking Oil, leading the launch and the unprecedented success of Oye Hoye is amongst his prominent achievements. Having amassed considerable experience on both the agency and the brand front, his critical approach to evaluating creative delivery tied to the business objectives creates powerful outcomes for the clients.



Sr.Brand Manager


Strategy Manager

Hassam Awais

Brand & Insight Manager

shaza kosar

Brand Manager


Activation Manager

amina jamil

Brand Executive

hira mumtaz

Digital Manager

ahsan zaid

Business Analyst

Anushay imtiaz


naweera adnan


ali farhan

Asst. Mngr. Finance

M. Shahnawaz

GM. Human Resource

Waqar ahmad

HR. Executive

hira dost

Finance Executive

Ahmad ashfaq

Head of Internal Audit


Your brands



At our floor, we never fall short of ideas that can take brands to unprecedented heights. There is ample room for disruptive ideas and new challenges but the only thing we do not have room for, is convention.

We Dare to be Different

Treading the usual path only leads to the usual. Our entrepreneurial mindset allows us to take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment. Our unconventional approach to everyday business challenges enables us to deliver results that are beyond what is expected.

Innovation is in our dna

To us, there are only two constants, dynamic creativity and innovation. We are restless by default which is what leads us to crack some of the most challenging business problems while efficiently delivering on the promises.

Commitment to meaningful change

Getting a job done is not good enough for us. We only believe in a job well done. Our sole purpose is to deliver results that enable brands to gain an unprecedented advantage over their competition.

preferred partner model

A complete & holistic branding solution with your own floor of a 100% Dedicated Brand Team, full exclusive access to 360-degree strategic brand and portfolio planning, channel mix strategy, route to market roadmap and holistic media buying services and benefits such as cost saving & bulk deals. Our team and preferred partners consist of the best in the business marketers including RED COMMUNICATION ARTS, IG SQUARE, HASHTAG TRIBE and more, who equip you to operate like an MNC and take on the giants of your industry.

Client choice model

A fully Dedicated Brand Team that works in collaboration with your choice of partners. You are in control of who you hire and can also mix and match agencies with our preferred partners, along with all the strategic benefits of our team of highly experienced professionals and partial access to our special bundles and media deals. 

Consultant Model

Our top-of-the-line team of expert professionals provides you with systematically pioneering consultancy, helping you navigate the market on your own terms, while also providing hybrid & customised solutions tailored to your business goals & requirements.

Our Brand Experience

Life at invictus

It’s not just the spreadsheets and the hustle, it is our people who make us who we are. Our team mates from across the company share their experience of what it is like to be part of Invictus.

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